Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Choice is Good

Our loverly Laurie got all creative and made some buttons for the ring!

Here they are for your posting pleasure:

Remember, don't be a bandwidth thief--SAVE THEM TO YOUR OWN SERVER! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How to get the button on your blog

Want to know how to get the cute EWE-TAH KNITS! button on your blog? Follow these directions:

1. right click on the image on this blog and "copy"
2. go to your "my pictures" file on your computer and "paste" the image there
3. go to whatever web-based photo saving service you use for your blog (phojo, picassa, there are many free services) and upload that picture from your "my pictures" to your photo service.
4. right click on your picture in your photo service (album), go to "properties" to get the actual address of the picture, copy it and paste that address in the proper place in the code.
5. I've put the location of where the picture code should go in capital letters in the code. Use your "Where's Waldo" skills.

Save it all and check your blog to see if the magic works!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Hello Utah Knitters!

If you'd like to join the new Utah Knitting Ring, please read the following:

1. You must currently live in Utah.
2. Your blog must have knitting as one of its main blogged-about subjects.
3. You must be friendly and tolerant of people of all backgrounds.
4. Your blog must be updated/posted to at least monthly.
5. Your blog must have the link or label of the ring that is decided upon on its front page.
6. Your blog must link directly to other blogs in the series without opening a new window.

If all of that sounds good to you, please click on the "join" link below our new button and submit your information.

You must copy the ring code onto your blog for the approval process to proceed (not MY rules!) Once you do that, I will contact you with further instructions!

Welcome to EWE-TAH KNITS!